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MyUninstaller isn't much of an improvement in its default Quick Mode, but turn on Advanced Mode and the ability to uninstall several programs at once is unveiled, making this a truly improved alternative to Windows's uninstaller. It also allows for command-line use with quiet uininstallation, letting power users do a lot of batch and automation procedures.
Uninstall programs cleanly and efficiently from your Windows PC with MyUninstaller.

MyUninstaller is a software alternative to the stock Add/Remove Programs option of Windows, offering a variety of improvements and features that make it easier to remove programs.

MyUninstaller can list all installed apps in your system and save the list list to a text or HTML file. It can also display pertinent information about each application that is not shown by the default feature, such as uninstall string, installation folder, company name, and more.

The program features two modes - Quick Mode, which acts very similarly to the default Add/Remove Programs interface, and Advanced Mode, which allows you to remove several programs at once. It also features command-line access from which you can uninstall software, save applications lists to a variety of formats, and more.

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