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My Study Life is the kind of app that the older among us would have loved to have back when we were students ourselves. Real-time updates and notifications, automatic conflict management, and effective task management all contribute to My Study Life being an amazing student companion, freeing up the cognitive load of managing one's time manually and making it so much easier to handle plenty of tasks and classes.
Manage your study life effectively in the palm of your hand with My Study Life for the iPhone.

It's not enough to study hard and take notes in class - being an effective student also involves good time management and plenty of organization. With My Study Life, you can set yourself on the road to effective studenthood with a powerful digital planner in your iPhone that helps you organize your homework, manage your classes and determine if there are conflicts with exams, add revision tasks and more.

My Study Life integrates all of this seamlessly in an easy-to-use interface, with complete tracking of tasks and scheduling of exams and assignments working together. The app will even notify you of upcoming exams and classes as they approach. It stores everything on the Cloud platform.

My Study Life
synchronizes your data across all devices, so you'll always have access to your work whether you're on your phone, a tablet, or on the Web.

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