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About Music Racer

Use your music to race in Music Racer for iPhone.

A different take on a racing game as it uses your own music tracks to race is Music Racer for iPhone.

The game adapts to your music as it determines the shape, speed and mood of each ride by the song you have chosen. You must gather beats and catch the rhythm  as you listen to the beats of the music right in your iPhone.

Each game is different as your choice of song determines how you will play the game. Each song will influence the time of the round, movement speed and length of the track. The game features different vehicles, can customize vehicles, various game modes like cinematic, zen, classic and hard.

There are also many designed environments like vaporware, retrowave, neon, hi-fi, cybernetic, geometry and more.

This game makes use of your music tracks so it needs access to your music library.

Surf the music in Music Racer for iPhone.

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