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No multiple view modes, no collaboration, no cloud storage, no night mode...why does MuPDF get such a high score? Because for all of its minimalism and "lacking" features, MuPDF does what it does incredibly well. By stripping away extraneous features and going back to basics, MuPDF is amazingly fast, and renders PDFs beautifully, even allowing you to smoothly read massive PDFs that would bog down any other reader app.
Bring your PDF viewing experience back to its basics with MuPDF.

With MuPDF, you get a simple and lightweight PDF viewer that offers a powerful rendering engine with high-quality anti-aliasing on text and graphics. The app supports PDFs with encryption, transparency effects, extraction of text from documents, keyword search, hyperlinks, PDF annotations, filling out of forms, and digital signatures.

The app also comes with a text reflow engine that lets users view text at screen width complete with word wrap. It also uses progressive rendering, allowing for the viewing of very large documents much more quickly than ever. You'll also get subpixel rendering accuracy for maximum reproduction quality.

MuPDF supports PDF files, as well as XPS and OpenXPS, CBZ, and ePUB ebooks.

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