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Calm a kid with autism with Moving Meditations for iPhone.

Having a kid with autism has its challenges and one of them is trying to calm them when one of their outbursts happen. One of the ways to calm them is with Moving Meditations for iPhone.

This app offers videos in 90-120 seconds that are designed to help calm and balance kids with autism spectrum disorder and other behavioral and developmental challenges. The videos balance their nervous system thus calming them.

Families can watch the videos together and try doing the movements as shown in the videos together as well. There are 18 videos in total and 6 categories to choose from: Clarity, De-Stress, Cool Down, Love, Peace and Strength.

The videos in this app are inspired by the works of Dr. Louisa Silva, a doctor who treats kids with ASD using her study of qigong-based methods.

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Calming an ASD kid with Moving Meditations for iPhone.    

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