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Simple, easy to get into, but challenging once you get deep into it, MoviePop transitions the SongPop formula into a cinematic field in the right way, and is a great test of movie knowledge that might stump even the biggest buffs at times.
Test your movie knowledge with MoviePop on the iPhone.

With MoviePop, you'll get to see how much of a movie buff you really are, challenging you to guess movie titles or actors from video clips. Pick from a multiple-choice selection to earn points with every round. Guess thousands of titles, pick your favorite genres to play, and check out movies ranging from old classics to the latest hits.

The game can match you with other movie fanatics, or you can connect to Facebook and challenge your friends for the title of movie trivia master. Unlock more new challenges with new genres and more clips, and even get to name the directors of your top flicks.

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