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Microsoft’s Mouse without Borders is a free utility tool that allows the users to share their mouse and keyboard for up to 4 computers.

Mouse without Borders delivers an easy way to connect multiple computers as if they were part of one single desktop. This application uses a wireless network to seamlessly share mouse and keyboard with other PCs' and even drag and drop files between them. With, Mouse without Borders, users with multiple computers on their desk won’t have to bother with messy mice and keyboards. In addition, users can move files in between computers simply by dragging them from one desktop to another. The same also applies with copy and pasting text. This also makes it easier to lock or log into all PCs' at once and share screen captures from one PC to another.

Overall, Mouse without Borders is simple yet delivers the usefulness and efficiency needed for productivity. It’s a simple way to limit the number of mice and keyboards on desk. The software is free to download and available for Windows PCs’ only.
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