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Moon+ Reader is a free e-book reader designed by Moon+ for Android that features an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed by powerful tools and functions.

This application enables users to read e-books on their device with support for e-book libraries online and different file formats including epub, txt, zip, fb2, html, umd, chm, or opds.  Also, Moon+ Reader offers users complete visual options and varied paging types such including touch screen and volume keys.

Moon+ Reader features 24 operations (swipe gestures, screen click and hardware keys) and 14 events (bookmark, search, font size, themes, etc.) all customized to suit the user’s preferences or needs.  Users also have full control on page scroll with its 5 different auto-scroll modes.

Users can also choose between 10 different themes including the Day & Night mode switcher. Plus, users can adjust the app’s brightness by simple tap gestures with Moon+ Reader. Other features of this app include varied page flip animations, My Bookshelf design, Dictionary, sharing options and many more.

Overall, Moon+ Reader is a simple yet powerful e-book reader for Android devices that can be downloaded for free.

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