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Make a soundtrack for your videos with Moodelizer for iPhone.

When you are making videos in your iPhone, you have to contend to using BGM and stock sounds from various apps or some from your library. If you want something different and custom made, all you need is a single finger with Moodelizer for iPhone.

This app is all about having to add custom soundtracks to your videos while still being recorded. You can select a genre and get playback by dragging your finger on the screen in the square viewfinder in the app. As you go up, the music's intensity will also go up. You can also control to time the music and sound effects to fit on what is happening in the video.

The app features a live music editor, various genres of music like hip-hop, EDM, wedding music and more. Sound effects include sitcom laughs.     
Place soundtracks to your videos with Moodelizer for iPhone.

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