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Money Manager EX comes with a huge number of relevant and pertinent features that are also well-executed. The graphs, forecasts, and reports that it generates are also highly usable and readable. All of this comes at the expense of a cluttered interface that belongs in the 90s, with a mess of scrollbars, toolbars, dialog boxes, and unvisualized numerical data that ironically can be a little difficult to read. Still, it's free and open-source, and absolutely does the job once you get past the learning curve.
Manage your finances, investments and assets in one place with Money Manager EX.

With Money Manager EX, you can keep track of all of your financial activities and assets, such as expenses, savings, fixed assets and investments. The app can remind you about recurring expenses such as bills payments and deposits, and can even automatically create a yearly budget forecast for better finance management.

It also provides one-click access to graphs and charts that report your finances.

Money Manager EX is a portable app that can be run straight off a USB drive, no installation necessary. The database is based off SQLite and is encrypted with AES, so your data is always secure. You can also import other data from QIF or any CSV format.

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