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About Mixer - Interactive Streaming

The future of video game streaming is in your hands in Mixer - Interactive Streaming for iPhone.

Video game streaming has changed the way people view video games like streaming has done for movies and music. More people are watching people video games and in fact some are celebrities like Ninja, PeweDiePie and many others.

Mixer - Interactive Streaming
joins the fray as a video game streaming platform in your iPhone.

With this app, there is more than just watching your favorite streamers play as you can be part of the action. You can place objects, direct game choices, select sounds and be more interactive with them with just a tap in your phone. This time, it is your turn to influence and change how they play the game as you watch.

You can chat with them using FTL or faster Than Light technology that enables you to get your message across with less than a second of latency.

You can even customize the content you want to watch in the app.

Witness the next level of video game streaming with Mixer - Interactive Streaming for iPhone.

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