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Severe issues with logging in and game detection prevent Mirror's Edge Companion from really reaching reasonable heights, but when it does work, it's a fairly cool-looking, if ultimately unnecessary, second screen and progress viewer.
Stay connected with Mirror's Edge Catalyst even when not at your PC with the Mirror’s Edge Companion app for the iPhone.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a prequel to the hit free-running action game, Mirror's Edge. Set in a massive open-world city, the game provides opportunities to interact with other players and affect the world. Mirror’s Edge Companion lets you track you and your friends' progress in the City of Glass, allowing you to see how others are faring and set up social play against others as well.

With the app, you may learn more about the world of the game, complete with a fully 3D-rendered map of the city. You'll get game progression, User Generated Content management, social playground, and following of friends to see their activity. You'll even get a lore database to learn more about the backstory.

The app also lets you customize your experience with unlockable Runner Tags through in-game achievements and challenges, and even create your own Runner Tag. You'll also get to bookmark content that you like.

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