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About Miracle-Ear

Be confident on using your hearing aids with Miracle-Ear for iPhone.

It is certainly a new chapter in your life as soon as you have received your hearing aids. It takes a bit of adjustment and management in using a unique device. Miracle-Ear is an app designed to help users of Miracle-Ear hearing aids in adjusting quickly and easily in using the hearing aids.

The app have explanations for the hearing aid that you have, their uses, capabilities and even advice on how to care, clean, maintain and wear them. And since these hearing aids have Bluetooth technology, you can use this app to change the volume, directionality and programs of your hearing aids.

You can also track on how you are using and adjusting to your new set of ears, book appointments to the clinic and more.

Maximize the potential of your Miracle-Ear hearing aids with this app.

Hear better using your hearing aid with Miracle-Ear for iPhone.

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