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With seamless integration of various webmail providers, as well as unified scheduling, Outlook is more of a business-focused email aggregator than any other similar app. Its elegant, minimalistic interface is great as well, providing all the information you need without clutter, from scheduling and important emails to checking out all the files you've received as attachments. Its ability to attach files from cloud storage seamlessly is also a major plus.
Sync up your email, contacts, and scheduling with Microsoft Outlook for Android.

Microsoft Outlook provides a single unified view of your email, contacts, email attachment files and schedule, from which you can manage everything that matters to you in an easy-to-read interface.

Outlook's Focused inbox provides the most important emails automatically on top of your inbox. You can also make use of smart filters to prioritize what you need to see, as well as swipe gestures to perform quick management operations on your mail.

The app also allows you to instantly switch from your emails to your calendar, letting you quickly schedule a meeting with your contacts or share your availability. You'll also seamlessly get to attach files from cloud storage accounts or your Files list. Word, Excel, and other Office documents can even be opened directly from within the app, and edited within their corresponding Word, Excel, or PowerPoint mobile app.

The Outlook webmail service isn't the only think that the Outlook app can handle - it also works with major providers like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and more, aggregating your email with all the convenience of Outlook.

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