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Hyperlapse Mobile has its limitations, like short import and export video length, somewhat lower quality of output video, and only one selectable speed across the entire video. However, its core feature of "hyperlapse" works tremendously well - there's absolutely nothing like it.
Get smooth and stable first-person videos with Microsoft Hyperlapse for Windows Phone.

Time-lapse first-person videos, like those taken with a GoPro mounted on one's head, can be a great way to put viewers in your shoes whenever you're doing something incredible, but they can also be difficult to watch because of all the shakiness due to the fast-forward playback. Microsoft Hyperlapse solves this problem by stabilizing your videos, making them much smoother and easier to watch.

This Windows Phone app lets you capture a video and select a time lapse speed, resulting in a fast-moving hyperlapse video. Or you can Hyperlapse an existing video from your camera roll. The app supports hyperlapse rates from 1x to 32x, selfie time lapses, and provides a quick and intuitive interface that will have you creating hyperlapse videos in seconds.

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