Download Mercury Web Browser Pro 10.0.1 for iPhone OS

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About Mercury Web Browser Pro

Faster internet browsing in your iPhone with Mercury Web Browser Pro.

The internet is supposed to be fast and in Mercury Web Browser Pro it is right in your iPhone. Do more surfing and less haggle as it features functions such as As block, offline reading, multi tab support, batch download of photos, user agent, full screen mode, picture block and more. The app also includes things not common to other mobile browsers like Gesture Control, Private Mode, custom menu, custom search engine, sync bookmarks and many more.

You can also personalize this browser with adjusting the fonts and brightness, themes and more. There is also a One Click Cleaner that clears your browsing history and cookies for good. The browser also has its own plug ins that you can choose to add.

Mercury Web Browser Pro is one of the most advanced browsers for the iPhone.

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