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About IceWarp Mail Server

IceWarp Mail Server is an e-mail and communications shareware developed for Windows and Linux by IceWarp Team.

IceWarp Mail Server provides an integrated solution for a stable and secured email server. It supports SMTP, POP and IMAP e-mail protocols and works with all known email clients and servers on the market. It utilize SSL/TLS encryption, supporting deployments of every kind , from small business single server installation multi-load-balanced platforms.

Furthermore, IceWarp comprises automatic IMAP integration makes certain that users remain compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX) by archiving all incoming and outgoing email messages in isolated non-production storage.

IceWarp also introduces SmartAttach, a new technology that comes with a number of benefits. Attachments are not equally affixed to the email itself, rather, they are made accessible via a unique and secure hyperlinks that are embedded in the e-mail. Senders are able to delete e-mail attachments, even after they’ve sent the message.

IceWarp Mail Server is available for free trial version and can be purchased online on IceWarp main website.

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