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About MekaRoyale Online

Spend more time shooting than looting in MekaRoyale Online for iPhone.

It may look like a another mobile battle royale game that takes a long time to finish and a lot of it spending on looting than fighting. Do more than collecting stuff with MekaRoyale Online for iPhone.

This game is all about fighting and being the only survivor. Of course, there are weapons scattered around the map that you can use. And if you win a match, you will be rewarded with credits that you can use to buy mech parts and more.

The deaths in this game is permanent and that means that you will lose everything including your mechs and credits. It is really all about surviving or else, you will lose everything you have worked hard playing for.

There are no micro transactions in this game.

Spend more time on the action in MekaRoyale Online for iPhone. 

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