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About Mednafen

Play your old console games with an emulator in Mednafen.

We all have a video game console no matter how old it is. It also continuously evolves thus rendering the video game CDs moot unless the consoles themselves are well taken care of so you can use them for a long time. If not, don't throw the CDs away yet as you can use an emulator like Mednafen.

This emulator features multiple graphic filters and scaling modes, real time game rewinding, network play, save states, screen snapshots, QuickTime movie recording, load games from gzip, a versatile input configuration system, gamepad/physical joystick support and more. The emulator works and loads dumped copy of CD ROM games. It cannot work for physical CD support.

Games that have multiple CDs can also be played with this emulator.

Play your games all over again with this emulator.

Take your games to your PC with Mednafen.

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