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Mathway's photo-solving features are useful and all, but they're not that much of a revolution compared to other similar software. Plus, the subscription needed just to get step-by-step solutions is tremendously expensive, where others might be free. Still, the app works offline, and those features that do work are useful for a quick solve.
Solve your math problems with Mathway for the iPhone.

allows you to take pictures of your math problems, and solve them instantly without having to fumble with inputting complex symbols and searching for the correct notation.

With this app, you can type your math problem in or take a photo of it and the app will then solve it. The app will show how its answer was derived, so you know exactly how to solve such a problem by hand later on.

can be used offline, and features a built in graphing calculator for certain equations that you solve, as well as support for problems in Basic Math, Algebra, Pre Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Finite Math, Chemistry, Linear Algebra and many more.

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