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Marvel Heroes was created by a team-up of master Marvel storyteller Michael Bendis and Diablo visionary David Brevik, and the result is indeed a great comic book story told through a loot-gathering, action RPG lens. Where things get really interesting though is the fact that each of the huge number of heroes is its own class, with their own unique abilities and specializations, which offers an amazing diversity of builds that changes with every hero. After the first few playthroughs though, the game can get relatively repetitive, with little reason to keep grinding again and again.
Save the Marvel universe as you play famous comic book characters in Marvel Heroes 2016.

Dr. Doom has acquired the Cosmic Cube, a device with the power to change the very fabric of reality, and in Marvel Heroes 2016, it is up to the Marvel superheroes to band together and fight against Dr. Doom and his allies.

Marvel Heroes has you play as various heroes from the Marvel Universe like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Thor, Star-Lord, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Black Widow, Luke Cage and many more heroes who hail from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Fantastic Four and more. The game features MMO action RPG gameplay, allowing players to team up and fight cooperatively, or challenge Dr. Doom and his minions in solo missions.

Each hero has their own special abilities and unique powers appropriate to them, and can be customized with the costumes that they've worn throughout Marvel history. Gear can be collected throughout gameplay to increase their power, and other heroes can even be summoned in the form of Team-Ups.

The game features randomly generated environments that change every time a mission is played, in famous locations in the Marvel Universe such as Avengers Tower, Mutant Town, and the Savage Land.

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