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Much of Map My Hike is hidden behind a subscription paywall, including important and distinguishing features like Live Tracking and the workout plans. What's left in the free tier isn't a whole lot. However, its compatibility with many fitness trackers and social workout tracking are enticing enough to warrant consideration.
Track your workouts with MapMyHIKE GPS Hiking for Android.

Map My Hike provides you with an online journal that allows you to keep track of your hikes and over 600 other types of workouts including yoga, cycling, running, and more. The app provides you with a variety of tools that can help you exercise and maintain a strong fitness program.

The app features real-time tracking with time, distance, pace, speed and elevation display and measurements, an interactive map that lets you view your location and current GPS track, manual entry of workout data directly into the app, and more. You'll also get to use a Gear Tracker to help you keep track of when your shoes need changing, which can protect you from common injuries.

Map My Hike syncs with your free account at, which is also fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter for sharing of stats on social media. You can also link up with over 400 different fitness tracking devices, see 24/7 activity graph tracking, and even join Challenges to up your workout game by competing with friends and users from all over the world, winning prizes and ascending the leaderboards.

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