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Newer iPhones are getting better and better manual control features that probably exceed those that Manual has historically provided, so this app has slowly become redundant in the face of progress. Older iPhones however shall benefit from the manual features that work like a charm, with varying success on the long exposure but solid results everywhere else.
Get full professional control over your iPhone camera with Manual.

Manual brings detailed, granular control over your iPhone's camera, akin to what you'd get with a DSLR, in order to help you take the best images you possibly can. It provides independent control of shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure, letting you quickly and intuitively make adjustments to your imaging settings, while getting a live preview of what you'll be getting on the viewfinder.

You can also get features like live monitoring of exposure values, a real-time histogram, focus zoom, a grid overlay for composition, long exposure support, various flash modes with the LED flashlight, and more. You can also view photo EXIF metadata right from within the app. All this can be found in one app that lets you truly shoot Manual.

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