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Free Download Manager is an insurance against Murphy's Law of sorts happening in your computer. It makes sure that interrupted downloads continue right from where they left off, instead of starting from scratch. There is also a traffic usage feature that offers the ability to adjust your bandwidth use, thus, allowing you to keep some free bandwidth for browsing the net without interfering with your downloading.
Free Download Manager is a downloadable freeware that facilitates faster streaming of uploaded or downloaded multimedia files for web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Accelerating the users normal download rate to a much faster phase, Free Download Manager enables application users to download whole website contents via any remote HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent servers.

Offering features like the GNU Public License, automatic mirror lookup, integrated zip file viewer, customizable download categories, media preview, website explorer and more, this software also enable users the highly useful ability to resume cancelled or broken downloads.

Accelerating your device’s download speed up to 600%, Free Download Manager can also access Flash-format videos from video-sharing sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and many others.

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