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MakeMKV's lack of choice of output formats, as well as its rather convoluted and complex interface, combine to make it a relatively poor choice for either amateur or power users. Ultimately, while free, there are better options out there that not only provide more options for output format, but can also work with other inputs besides video discs.
Transcode your video with a single click with MakeMKV for your PC.

MakeMKV allows you to convert your owned video discs into a digital file format that can be played anywhere. The software supports DVDs, Blu-Rays, AVCHD discs, and more, capturing the video contained within and transcoding it into a non-proprietary format stored within an MKV file, without losing or changing information.

The MKV file can store several audio and video tracks, as well as preserve chapter markers and other metadata.

works with AACS and BD+ protection, and converts files with excellent performance. It does not need any additional codecs or software to convert or decrypt discs. It can also stream video without converting it to a variety of players, so you can watch your Blu-Rays or DVDs on any device of any operating system.

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