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About Majotori

The witch will make your dreams come true in Majotori for iPhone.

It is not a fairy godmother or an angel who will grant your wishes, a witch named Lariat grants wishes instead in Majotori for iPhone.

In order to have her grant your wish or wishes, you must play a game of trivia. If you win, then your wish will come true. And if you lose, then something bad will happen to you. This game features more than 25 diverse characters, thousands of questions to answer, experience 50 and more branching storylines and 4 question categories. 

There are a lot of questions related to pop culture, tech, anime and the like so it is more for the nerds and geeks.

This is a trivia game for nerds and geeks.

Answer right to get your wish to come true in Majotori for iPhone.

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