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About Magic: The Gathering Arena

Play a fun Card collecting strategy game on your Windows PC with Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is s free game app for Windows PC and is an adaptation of the popular table top game of the same name now digitally ported for your enjoyment.

Now you can play and enjoy the game without having to get out of your house. It lets you try to build your own collection through booster packs and micro transaction purchases. It follows the original set of rules in the table top games, it lets you battle players with their own collection of cards and cast offensive spells and defensive spells, summon creatures or other effects through their mana. The object of the game is to reduce your rival's health to zero before they do the same to you.

You'll begin with a basic set of cards and try to win your daily quests and your matches to earn more cards in which you can customize your deck, to develop your strategy and win as many matches as you can, which in turn gives you many chances to win booster packs that could give you more strategic possibilities.

Download the Magic: The Gathering Arena and have fun dueling players from all over the world.

NOTE: Please install Steam on your PC to enjoy the game.

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