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Microsoft's April Fool's joke for Windows Phone could have been a one-off, pseudo-interactive DOS shell with a couple of nonfunctional commands, but the result is a surprisingly fun - and usable - experience, with a cute ASCII camera, functional email, SMS, and call commands, and easter eggs like the format command. By far the biggest surprise is the Windows 3.1 shell, on which obviously a lot of effort was spent.
Go back to Microsoft's roots with MS-DOS Mobile for Windows Phone.

MS-DOS Mobile brings you back to the time before the graphical user interface of Windows, when the computing world was run off command line shells. The app provides a fully-functional DOS experience that allows you to be productive with your Windows Phone through the simplest possible interface.

MS-DOS Mobile comes with several built-in commands to get you started. You can play a game of Rock, Paper Scissors, launch a camera, and even browse the Internet. You can also launch the Windows Store right from the app, and even make calls, send texts, and write emails from the interface. When you're tired of all of the black and white text, launch Windows 3.1 to bring you right back into the world of GUIs.
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