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Keeping up with the fast-paced world of sports has been a problem faced by fans since time immemorial. The powerful At Bat app is the latest evolution of the couch-surfing TV warrior and radio addict that came before, and it's a great one. Real-time updates, at-a-glance information, and exclusive footage and play-by-plays and much more all make this the ultimate source for baseball fans. The only caveat? A small-looking Premium subscription fee that nevertheless is yet another thing to pay for, after cable TV takes its share.
Get the latest news stories, videos, and much more, all about MLB with At Bat, the official app of Major League Baseball. At Bat gives you news, expert analysis, a video library archive with 60FPS clips of select broadcasts and highlights, updated team standings, schedules, and much more. You'll also get shows on the MLB Network, Gameday features, and Live Look-Ins for key plays on each game.

The app also gives you a home screen that you can customize to feature the latest news and updates about your favorite team, their standings, schedules, rosters and stats. You'll also get a homescreen widget to give you at-a-glance updates for scores that are in progress throughout the league.

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