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Cinebench is a free benchamarking program for Windows and Mac OS used to evaluate your computer's performance capabilities by testing its raw processing speed and other such areas that may affect system performance. It is based on MAXON's animation software that is used extensively by studios and production houses for 3D content.

Maxon Cinebench
works on two main components: the CPU and graphics card, and gives both of them performance tests.

Checking on the main processor performance (CPU) uses all the system's processing power and stresses all available processor cores. The results of the test is shown in points (pts.) and the higher the number you get, the faster your processor is.

Checking on the graphics card performance (also called OpenGL) depends on a number of factors such as the GPU processor on your hardware and the drivers used. The results of the test is measured and shown in frames per second (fps). Again, the higher the number, the faster the graphics card.

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