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About Lympo Squat

Take the squat challenge in Lympo Squat for iPhone.

A simple way of getting fit and active is doing squats. Squats have been proven to tighten muscles, help you lose weight and sweat. Do squats with Lympo Squat for iPhone.

This app has a smart A.I. fitness trainer that will guide and count the squats for you using the camera in your device. You do the squats as a game as you get to earn tokens for each squat that you do.

And since it is squats, there is no need for any special equipment as all you need to do is put the phone down with the camera facing you. You can do it anywhere and do it while doing other things like brushing your teeth, holding a baby or pet, getting ready for work, doing a facial and more.

Do squats on the regular and stay in shape with Lympo Squat for iPhone.

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