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Destiny calls for one in Lunathorn for iPhone.

Darkness has been said to come to the world once protected by gods in Lunathorn for iPhone.

And when the world falls to the demons, Valkyrie has been ordered by Odin to go to the mortal world and find the destined warrior who will save the day. He will meet with the ancient God and collect 15 artifact weapons that will the keys to victory. This game is a MMORPG that is based on Western Mythology.

You must journey to fight the darkness and save the world. The game features high quality graphics, the Unreal Engine 4 for graphics, a massive HD map, 7.1 chanel surround sounds, 3D sound effects and more. There are also anti cheat mechanism in order to ensure fair gameplay for all.

Battle in Clan war, Battle Royale and cross server PvP against other players.

Defend the world in Lunathorn for iPhone.

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