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Watch the athletes of the future play with LiveBarn for iPhone.

In order to become world class athletes in the near future, they have to start somewhere where people get to see them play before they become great. LiveBarn is the window to see future sports stars show their abilities and talents first right in your iPhone.

The app brings Live and On Demand replays of youth and amateur sporting events. You can watch the replays up to 30 days, filter venues by sport and venue location, share highlights of games or create your highlights and have it featured in the app. The app uses an automated tracking technology that follows the flow of the game like they do in a standard TV broadcast.  You can also view the game in a panoramic view with pan and zoom.

You can watch youth sports like basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, indoor versions of soccer, lacrosse, football as well as baseball.

See the youth in sports with LiveBarn for iPhone.

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