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Veterans of old-school maze-type dungeon crawlers will feel right at home with the tile-based style of movement, while newer gamers will appreciate the modern tactical combat and plenty of RPG customization. The level of polish in this game is tremendous, with every mechanic finely balanced and each character highly customizable. A perfect translation of a PC version to mobile.
Return to old-school dungeon crawling in Legend of Grimrock for the iPhone.

The Legend of Grimrock is an iOS port of the critically-acclaimed PC game that was throwback to the challenging tactical combat, grid-based movement, and exploration of old-school dungeon crawling gameplay.

In Legend of Grimrock, you lead a ragtag team of prisoners, with their own unique races, traits, skills, and classes, as you try to escape and regain your freedom by going through a dungeon. You'll explore a vast network of dungeon tunnels tile by tile just like in the old dungeon crawlers, and survive in Mount Grimrock until you escape. Along the way, cast spells, craft potions, and fend off terrible monsters. You'll also uncover secrets throughout the dungeon, as well as hidden switches, pressure plates, altars, crystals, and far more.

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