Download Layton’s Mystery Journey 1.0.5 for iPhone OS

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About Layton’s Mystery Journey

Play a puzzle mystery game on your iPhone with Layton’s Mystery Journey.

Layton’s Mystery Journey is a paid game where you play the daughter of a missing professor and her quests to solve the mysteries surrounding his disappearance.

The game app offers you the latest offering from the best-selling Layton puzzle game Series which now gives you a casual, comical, quizzical quest that brings you to solve intriguing mysteries on your way from trying to find professor Hershel Layton. As you go around London on a bike, you'll have to solve various cases that requires your deductive skills. You also may try different outfits for the heroine and get a chance to redecorate the detective agency as you see fit.

Download the Layton’s Mystery Journey for $15.99 and find the missing professor once and for all.

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