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This is advertising done right: engaging, unique and interesting. It draws you to see at awe the product up close and personal in an interactive way and feel. It draws your attention well on the most important aspects of the product, film or more.
Layar- Augmented Reality is a free application developed by Layar B.V. for the iPhone and the iPad that provides users an innovative tool for discovering information on their surrounding with ease.

This application uses an innovative technology called Augmented Reality (AR) that displays digital data called “layers” via the device’s camera. Layar- Augmented Reality is easy to use- simply point the smartphone’s camera towards a specific object and it automatically displays information regarding the selected object.

Its intuitive interface also makes it easy to view one’s favorite layers or recently-used layers. In addition, Layar- Augmented Reality features more than 2,000 layers to explore and discover.

Plus, its integration with Twitter and Facebook allows users to easily share their augmented experiences with others including screenshots, layers and spots. Overall, Layar- Augmented Reality is an interactive iPhone/iPad application for discovering information on the go.

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