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LastPass is one of the most popular password managers out there, and for good reason - it has a wide array of effective security measures, can store many different accounts, form data and other sensitive information, and even supports cloud synchronization of account data across all major platforms. The app also features a very effective data manager that can send secure notes, store passwords in custom folders, create categories, and more. All these features make it not just effective, but also easy and encouraging to use - both of which are essential to making a really good recommendation out of a single-password app.
Protect all of your passwords and secure information behind a single password with LastPass Password Manager for iPhone.

LastPass Password Manager lets you collect all your passwords into one place and manage them securely with just a single secure password. With the app, all your secure account information can be installed and stored in a vault with just a single username and password.

When you need to login somewhere, the app will automatically login and fill out forms with your information as soon as you call it up with your single master password.

The app also helps you organize your passwords into secure folders within a vault for easy retrieval and archiving. Inside the vault, you can also attach notes in the form of image or audio files that are kept safely within the vault.

LastPass Password Manager also features additional security features such as the ability to generate and suggest strong passwords, audit your existing passwords for strength and duplicates, control Emergency Access to your vault, and even fingerprint scanning for supported devices.

It also provides the option of multi-factor authentication to provide more avenues of protection against different attack vectors. The app also features synchronization across all LastPass platforms, ensuring that you never lose your privacy data.

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