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Lane Splitter is a free game app developed for Android touch devices. It features a top down sports bike racing game, which is set in a speeding traffic.

Take your reflexes to the test and weave your way through traffic at insane speeds with this smashing bike arcade for Android.
Lane Splitter is a fast-paced bike arcade action where players take control of Jake Melton, an urban dare devil who enjoys most of his time driving in a speeding traffic at full speed. The goal is simply to survive the traffic without crashing on the other vehicles, while driving at top speed. Controls only require device tilts to steer left and right.

The game has 2 riders to choose from, each with their own special driving attributes. It also features greatly rendered 3D environments with lifelike character animations and physics. Players can also compare and boast their scores with its global leaderboards and Facebook integration support.

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