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While Lego existed long before Minecraft, Minecraft came before a free-build Lego game such as Lego Worlds, and so the comparisons are inevitable. The result of the seminal real-world block building play set's foray into the virtual world is a somewhat clumsy building system, but a great display of variety in worlds, and amazing customizability of objects and vehicles. Lego Worlds is still in Early Access, so it remains to be seen what's in store for its future. Right now though, it's already a viable game.
Explore a world full of Lego in LEGO Worlds.

With Lego, you can explore your creativity with limitless potential. In LEGO Worlds, set your sights on a procedurally-generated infinite world composed entirely of Lego. You can manipulate and do things with the Lego bricks around you, use the multi-tool to shape objects and environments as you see fit, and much more.

You can fill your world with a variety of interesting creations, with customizable characters, weird creatures, drivable vehicles, and buildings and models of your own creation.

The game also features a Brick-by-Brick editor so that you can build and design just about anything in this world. You can even play with certain real-life Lego sets, from classic and current Lego. You can also export your worlds and creations for later use.

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