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Help your kids eat healthy with Kurbo health coaching for iPhone.

Kids are picky eaters. they would eat what they think is delicious not what is healthy for them. Help kids eat well with Kurbo health coaching for iPhone.

This is health coaching app in your device that will help kids develop the bright eating habits and make smarter decisions when it comes to exercise and food. It is an effective platform where in 3 months, about 90% of its users have experience weight loss and have reportedly gain more self confidence and self esteem.

Instead of tracking calories, what this app does is to provide support and attention through emails, in app messages and texts with tips on nutrition through games, weekly challenges and videos.

The app also features a food and exercise tracker, progress tracker, a budgeting tool, set reminders, journal and more.

Give your kids the tools to be healthy like Kurbo health coaching for iPhone. 

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