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With the trademark charm and humor of the original preserved, there's little to be said abotu Knights of Pen and Paper 2 if not a success. However, it can also be described as something of a downgrade, with balancing issues, a dearth of content, and annoying IAPs marring the experience. Still, it remains a fun romp through a tabletop world that deserves to be played.
Embark on an amazing tabletop adventure in Knights of Pen & Paper 2 for the iPhone.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 brings back the experience of playing both game master and dungeon party, as you assemble your band of adventurers as well as the enemies they'll be facing. Along the way, you'll encounter dangerous creatures, explore a mysterious plot, and be assaulted by a wide variety of cultural references and humor.

This game features new classes: the Psion and the Druid, a fully customizable party, an all-new campaign with dozens of sidequests and locations as well as a huge Mega Dungeon for the greatest of adventurers to tackle, a wide array of equipment and crafting capabilities, and more skills and enchantment tiers to tackle.

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