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Tense sniper gameplay that mixes in stealth and careful aiming is the name of the game with Kill Shot, which portrays the thrill of sniper warfare and covert missions in a fun and challenging game. Unfortunately, the stamina/energy meter system rears its ugly head, breaking up the tension in a bad way by blocking progress unless you wait, or spend IAPs.
Take part in covert ops missions as a sniper on your iPhone with Kill Shot.

Kill Shot lets you play as a deadly sniper for your government. You will have to travel deep into enemy territory and perform your missions effectively. You'll make use of a huge arsenal of weapons to kill your targets, but it'll be your skills that save the day.

The game features over 1000 missions to accomplish across 50 different locations, over 100 different weapons across 4 weapons classes, full weapon upgrading and customization, and strong powerups that will help you turn the tide of battle. You'll also get to participate in Global Ops events for stunning prizes, win 50 achievements, and compete on 4 different leaderboards.

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