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About Khan Academy Kids

Let children discover the joy of learning with Khan Academy Kids for iPhone.

Early childhood education is important. But as kids get younger in getting their hands on mobile devices, it may be a bit difficult to get them started.

Khan Academy Kids
is a perfect marriage between education for children and technology as it is designed to get children learning about reading, writing, language, math, problem solving skills, social emotional development and motor development from your iPhone.

The app brings open ended activities and games to bring the fun to education. Activities such as storytelling, drawing and coloring helps keep them engrossed in the lessons with cute, animal characters guiding them. The app also features an adaptive learning format to customize the app for your kids.

There are also new content being added like songs and books from the National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine, Super Simple Songs and Bellwether media.

Kids learn in your iPhone with Khan Academy Kids.

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