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Khan Academy is filled with high-quality video courses and explanations that make learning engaging and effective for anyone. The app helps learners out by offering offline learning with video course downloads, and progress syncing with the website version, allowing learning to take place wherever you go. It also has a great interface, with easy searching for videos and viewing of transcripts taking place in a Material Design-like UI. Aside from the quality of the app, the Khan Academy service itself is incredible, with amazing classes and videos that are definitely in-depth.
Learn just about anything on numerous subjects for free with Khan Academy for Android.

With Khan Academy, you'll get access to free lessons on just about any topic you can think of. This online school offers lessons on subjects or topics that may include K-12 subjects, math, biology, chemistry, economics, and more, with over 10,000 videos and explanations available. The app's interface helps you quickly find what you need, with a navigation and search function designed to make it faster to get the content you want.

You can use Khan Academy both online and offline - the app allows you to download your favorite content to your phone and browse it later even without an internet connection. The app also syncs your progress for all classes across all of your devices, allowing you to start one course at the Khan Academy website on your computer browser, then leave your computer and pick up your smartphone, using the Khan Academy app to pick right back up where you left off.
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