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KMPlayer's codec support isn't the best on the free app market, with some videos with somewhat common codecs not playing correctly. However, the vast majority of videos will still play on the app. In addition, its unique floating screen feature is great for multitasking, though older phones may experience a little slowdown.
Get better control over your video playback on Android with Video Player HD All formats & codecs - km player.

KMPlayer improves upon the stock video player app by providing many useful features and interface improvements, as well as greater support for different file formats. KMPlayer supports HD videos across many popular codecs, ensuring that you'll be able to play any video file that you put in your phone. It also lets you play videos from your Google Drive cloud storage account, quickly streaming your media even if it's not on your device storage.

Playback is possible with one-finger control, with play/pause, skip, volume, and brightness all controllable with one-finger gestures. The app also has robust subtitle support, along with sync control that helps you keep the subtitles in sync with what's happening onscreen.

Video Player HD All formats & codecs - km player.  Lets you multitask while playing videos through a floating screen, overlaying a resizable video window over other apps, so you can continue watching while browsing the web, writing a text message or email, or anything else.

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