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About JigSpace

Satisfy your curiosity and learn better using 3D with JigSpace for iPhone.

There are many ways on how you can learn things and being able to see it in person using practical applications.Visual aids are thus used in order to make learning more understandable.

is a learning app that gives you the experience of learning various things in an interactive way using 3D right in your iPhone. The app is fully interactive as you get to learn and explore the world in new ways than one. And unlike printed materials, you can go deep and lean in on every nook and cranny as you learn.

Get to learn dozens of Jigs, view step by step 3D and interactive breakdowns of complex ideas, phenomenon and products, be able to learn at your own pace and more. The app features a Jig library that houses dozens of things for you to learn.

You can also view the Jigs in virtual reality.

Visual learning in 3D with JigSpace for iPhone.

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