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Java is everywhere, and safe and easy to use even for casual Internet users. It also forms the basis of many popular programs and games, making it an essential part of anyone's operating system. Java updates are frequent and quickly address any identified security flaws, so it's highly recommended that you get the latest version whenever it comes out.
Java is a software platform which allows you to run applets written in the Java programming language. These applets lets you experience interactive online experiences, such as games and various website features. Some non-browser software is also written in Java, and requires that you install Java to use them.

Java embeds itself in browsers, allowing an application to be downloaded and run in a sandbox that has no access to the underlying operating system.

This download includes the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment, which adds more features, improves performance, and introduces security updates. It is highly recommended that Java users always keep their Java versions up to date, for security reasons.

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