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Celebrate history of the first successful moon landing in history with JFK Moonshot for iPhone.

President John F. Kennedy promised that a man will go to the moon and that promise came to fruition with the Apollo 11 mission. To commemorate this historic event of the moon landing, JFK Moonshot is born.

This augmented reality app lets you relive the Apollo 11 mission right in your hands and in your living room. This app is more than an AR app as it also combines real time and location aspects. After installing, you can see a digital overlay of the Saturn V rocket and be able test its thrusters.

However, the mission won't begin until the day of the 50th anniversary. The AR part of the app will last for 120 hours, like the same mission lasting for 120 days and will end with a touchdown to the surface of the moon. In short, what you get in this app is a recreation of the entire space mission in real time.

There are may be some moments that are too quiet so the app also features photos, videos and try some of the interactive mission.

An experience like no other that is both AR and documentary with JFK Moonshot for iPhone.  

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