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Bring down the terrorists in Interrogation: Deceived for iPhone.

There is a terrorist organization that must be stopped. In order to do that, you must do your job as a police detective by interrogating suspects in Interrogation: Deceived for iPhone.

An award winning game, you must stop the terrorist organization from wrecking more havoc and destruction in two fronts: you must manage your team to gather evidence and information, use your limited budget wisely and to deal with the press hot on the story. The second part is what you are paid to do: interrogate suspects and do it successfully. You must explore and solve deep and difficult conversational puzzles in order to do so. There are also 35 realistic and complex characters to meet in the game. Your choices define on how the game is played and where it is headed. There are multiple world defining endings and they all depends on how you play.

The game brings a noir based art based on atmospheric music and real actor footage.

Get this game for $3.99.

Get to the bottom of the case in Interrogation: Deceived for iPhone.

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