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The Instagram experience is defined by simplicity of use, and this extends to every facet of the Android app. It's incredibly easy to use, with quick uploads, easy application of filters and image adjustments, and a great browsing experience split between a feed of all of your followed contacts, and a discover mode that lets you see the most popular photos of the time.
Share photos with your friends with the official Instagram app for Android.

Instagram is a quick and easy way social networking platform that primarily lets you share photos with your friends. Capture a photo and upload it on the spot, or grab something from your gallery and upload it to your Instagram profile.

Upload photos without any modification, or apply creative filters and borders to your photos, giving a warm or nostalgic feel with just a few presses. You can also upload short videos to your profile.

Instagram also lets you follow not just your friends, but your favorite photographers, designers, or celebrities, staying up-to-date with the goings-on in their lives. You can also use it to shop, with many clothing boutiques making use of the network to display their wares.

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